An Equal Pay Day message from “Lean-In”: Know Your Worth, Know Your Equity Resources!

In addition to the local April 2nd BPW Equal Pay Business Discount Campaign, check out these helpful resources from the Lean-In April 2nd equal pay newsletter:

“IN Perspective: Equal Pay Matters

Today is Equal Pay Day. That means women in the U.S. had to work all of 2018 and until this day in 2019 to catch up with what men earned in 2018 alone. No matter our job, how much education or experience we have, or the number of hours we work, women are still paid less than men—on average, 20% less, and for Black women, Native American women, and Latinas, the pay gaps are even wider.

Women are doing our part. We’re negotiating and are asking for raises at about the same rates as men. We are leaning in. But gender bias in the workplace means we’re not getting the same results. And the impact of the pay gap can be devastating for women and families, affecting our ability to buy groceries, pay for childcare, invest in our children’s education, and more. It hurts our businesses and communities, too.

Every woman deserves to be paid what she’s worth. It’s time for Equal Pay now.

What your company can do

Companies can’t afford to ignore the gender pay gap, because workplaces where men and women are treated equally and fairly achieve better results. Learn more about steps your company can take to close the gender pay gap.

Know your worth

Find out if you’re being paid fairly by using Glassdoor’s Know Your Worth salary calculator to receive a free personalized salary estimate based on millions of real salaries. Also check out Glassdoor’s new research on the gender pay gap globally.

Negotiate like a pro

Women are doing their part and asking for raises at the same rates as men. Check out our practical steps you can take to improve the outcome of your next negotiation.