Bozeman 2021 Elections Voter Guide on Equity, Fairness and Human Rights

Our Bozeman for CEDAW women’s human rights Initiative is requesting your support and assistance to share the information about these issues we believe to be important for the candidates to address and the community to consider in voting for our City’s leadership this 2021 Election via mail ballot by or before November 2nd.
We were proud to have Bozeman Professional Women’s participation in this process for the 2019 Bozeman Municipal Elections and attached is a copy of that non-partisan 2019 Voter Guide attached below.  We hope BPW can continue to support our voter engagement work and thank you for your endorsement of our Resolution as well Bozeman Cities for CEDAW Resolution draft 9-28-21(1).docx – Google Docs
Here’s our 2021 non-partisan Voters’ Guide – which will be used as a basis for our October 28thth virtual Candidate Forum ~
**This post is from our members at the Bozeman for CEDAW organization. You can contact Jan Strout with any questions at