Local Business Women offering 2 Part Sales Class Online

The First Class Will Be on March 29th at 3 PM and Taught By Karoline Rose Of The Krose Company on “Sales – What’s Working, How To Get New Customers, What’s Not Working”

What Will You Learn?

  • The art of studying and understanding the sales process
  • The difference between cold, warm, and hot marketing
  • The sales platforms you should be using and why
  • A new approach to sales via mail
  • How to look at sales from a “quarter view” instead of a “right now” view
  • The top 3 mistakes we made over the past 4 years in sales

The second class will be April 9th at 6 PM and taught by Special Guest Hannah Bratterud From The Multiplier Consulting Group on “Cold Calling & Follow Ups – A Howto” 

What Will You Learn?

  • How to effectively practice cold calling and following-up
  • So you sent an email, made a phone call, but what’s the next step?

To sign up or to get more details, visit krosemarketing.com/upcoming-events-classes/

Both classes will be taught online and the replay will be available if you can’t make one of the class.

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