The Gender Wage Gap Affects Women in Montana

Today is National Equal Pay Day. The most recent data from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research show that full-time, year round working women in Montana make an average of 74 cents to the man’s dollar. Specifically, white women make 73.4% to the white man’s dollar, Latina/Latinx women make 53.7% to the white man’s dollar, Black women make 61.7%, Asian women make 75.2%, Native American women make 66.9% to the white man’s dollar, and multi-racial women make 60%.

Although it doesn’t make up the change, 15 local businesses in Bozeman are recognizing Montana’s wage gap by giving women shoppers a 26%-off discount today, since women in Montana on average earn 26% less than their male counterparts:

We encourage you to visit these businesses today.

For more information and statistics on the gender wage gap, visit: