Aug 26th is BPW Day!!!

We’re now in August, and you know what that means: The 87th BPW Day is just around the corner!

In case you didn’t know, this milestone event is happening on 26 August, and when our calendars turn to that date, we hope you’ll join this worldwide celebration by…

– Snapping a photo of you wearing something yellow and your BPW Pin
– Uploading and sharing the photo on social media with the event’s official hashtags #BPWDay and #BPWPride

And since it’s definitely much better if more people join, we do hope you’ll share the good news. So go out there and spread the word online or offline so that your fellow BPW sisters won’t miss out!

For 87th BPW Day updates and BPW news, please visit our Facebook page.

Kind Regards,
BPW International Executive Board 2014 to 2017