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 B2B lunch on April 23rd to feature City Strategic Plan panel discussion

The Bozeman Chronicle B2B luncheon upcoming on Monday April 23rd will provide an opportunity for attendees to hear directly from a panel of city leaders on how they tackle the challenges and seize the opportunities posed by Bozeman’s continued growth.

City of Bozeman Panel: Andrea Surratt, City Manager; Brit Fontenot, Economic Development, Marty Matsen, Community Development.

For more information and to purchase tickets for the program, click here.

 The Gender Wage Gap Affects Women in Montana

Today is National Equal Pay Day. The most recent data from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research show that full-time, year round working women in Montana make an average of 74 cents to the man’s dollar. Specifically, white women make 73.4% to the white man’s dollar, Latina/Latinx women make 53.7% to the white man’s dollar, Black women make 61.7%, Asian women make 75.2%, Native American women make 66.9% to the white man’s dollar, and multi-racial women make 60%.

Although it doesn’t make up the change, 15 local businesses in Bozeman are recognizing Montana’s wage gap by giving women shoppers a 26%-off discount today, since women in Montana on average earn 26% less than their male counterparts:

We encourage you to visit these businesses today.

For more information and statistics on the gender wage gap, visit:

 26%-off discounts downtown for Equal Pay Day!

This coming Tuesday is National Equal Pay Day. Ladies, if you’re shopping on April 10th, the following 15 stores around Bozeman will recognize the wage gap by giving a 26%-off discount on products and services to women shoppers:

 Bozeman City Commission to Commemorate Equal Pay Day at Meeting on April 9th

Bozeman City Commission Commemorates Equal Pay Day

Monday, April 9th 2018,
5:45pm at Bozeman City Hall (121 N. Rouse)

Join Bozeman BPW and the Bozeman City Commission as we come together to commemorate National Equal Pay Day,
the day into the new year up to which women must work in order to achieve the same earnings that men had earned
by Dec. 31st of the previous year.  Commemoration will include a presentation from the city HR department
on equal pay initiatives, and a mayoral proclamation.


 Cheers for Change on Equal Pay Day at Map Brewing

MAP Brewing Company is hosting a “cheers for change” evening on April 10th, in recognition of National Equal Pay Day, and in partnership with the Women’s Foundation of Montana.

Stop by MAP Brewing on April 10th and 74 cents from each pint sold between 4-8pm will go to the Women’s Foundation of Montana – an organization dedicated to teaching women to negotiate for better wages, providing STEAM (Science, Technology, Arts, Engineering and Mathematics) programming for girls and supporting women in entrepreneurship, leadership and non-traditional careers.

74 cents matches the statistic that women in our state make about 74 cents to a man’s dollar.

For more information, visit: