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Last Name Business Name Industry Website
Luci Edwards
Madison Lord
Mary Hampton

Hampton Resources

Human Resources Consulting/Recruiting

Mary Howard

Morgan Stanley

Financial Services

Maurissa Acord
McKayla Murphy
Meg Long

Teton Bookkeeping, LLC

Megan Goodman

Morgan Stanley


Melissa Mobley
Merissa Lambert

Merissa Lambert Photography


Michelle Haverstick
Michelle Douglas
Millie Berger

Flanagan State Mortgage Services

Real Estate Loans

Molly Whalen

Synergy Growth Coach
Mountain Maids


Olivia Mitchell

Olivia Mitchell Real Estate

Real Estate

Patricia Simmons

Montana State University Retiree, 41 years


Patricia Hursh

Avid Demand


Rachel Krug

Rachel Krug Photography

Photography & Design

Robin Blanc Mascari

Enlightened Networking


Roselle Shallah
Serena Dublois

JTech Communications

Sherri Pearson
Sonia Williamson
Stephanie Gagne
Susannah Kavanaugh

Money Matters with SK, LLC