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Last Name Business Name Industry Website
Bethany Lentz
Meg Long

Teton Bookkeeping, LLC

Madison Lord

Bank of Bozeman


Toni Lucker
Stefanee Lucksley
Amanda Mattucci
Lorelyn Mayr
Jessi McCloud
Jacki McGuire

Financial Services

Anna Merchen
Gail Miller

Bank of Bozeman


Tammy Minge

Frog Rock Design-Residential Architecture

Architectural/Engineering/Design Services

Elizabeth Monnin

Bozeman Broker Real Estate

Mikindra Morin
hannah mulick
Brittany Murphy
Cynthia Neal Evans

Cynthia N Evans Business Consulting


Susan Neubauer

Cafe Fresco is a small Italian restaurant in downtown Bozeman.

Restaurant Services

Emily Potter

The Ignite Life Project.

Too many amazing women are just burnt out. Your light isn’t shining as it once did. You feel smothered with the weight of the world on your shoulders. One of our superpowers is seeing that light as dim as it may be, and empowering you to find the spark and ignite once again.

Our core values are rooted in raising your vibration and meaningful interpersonal connection with yourself, nature, your community, and ultimately the impact you leave in the world.

We have seen this system WORK. With 30 years of combined experience, we have fine-tuned a powerful 3-month program. Ignite your spirit, your soul and your LIFE!

Health and Wellness

Lexi Preszler
Jamie Rainey

CMG Financial

Real Estate Lending

Amber Sartain
Judy Schofield

Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming


Jody Seibert

Fix Your Accounting, LLC


Lisa Shaffer

Partner Company: Geiger Bros.

Who We Are
Geiger is one of the largest family owned and operated, and the largest privately held, promotional products distributor in the world. We provide expert advice and support to our clients, creatively solving their marketing, promotion and motivation challenges.

Our Mission
To help our clients meaningfully connect with their customers, prospects and employees.

Our Values
We are proud of our tradition: more than 140 years of not being traditional. We believe we’ve become so successful and lasted so long because of our focus on finding a better way. This innovation evolves naturally from our values. The better and more efficient we are, the better and more effectively we serve our clients.

Branding, Promotional Products, Print