BPW Endorsed CEDAW Campaign Receives Front Page News Coverage

The Bozeman BPW endorsed campaign for CEDAW (the Convention for the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women) approached the City of Bozeman this past Monday, May 14th during the City Commission meeting, to request that Bozeman stand up for the human rights of all women and girls in our community.  The gathering made front page news in the Bozeman Chronicle, and the article can be found and read here.
For all those who came to the commission meeting to share their stories support for the Bozeman for CEDAW campaign, and for all those who have followed and supported the campaign from afar, thank you for your commitment to human dignity, rights and justice in our community.
The Bozeman for CEDAW campaign will continue to research and refine proposals and possibilities for the City of Bozeman to consider implementing to ensure that women and girls in our community are reaching their full potential without discrimination and obstruction.  If you would like to become more involved as a campaign volunteer, please email Kelly Simmons (ksimmqu@gmail.com) or Jan Strout (janchangethatworks@yahoo.com).
And…save the date for a CEDAW campaign fundraiser and celebration at MAP Brewing on Monday, July 2nd from 4-8 PM!