Approaching Equal Pay Day: Hear Lilly Ledbetter’s Story in this week’s Beautifully Equipped podcast

An announcement from 2018 BPW Grant Recipient, Beautifully Equipped:

National Equal Pay Day, the day which marks the average extra time into the current year that women have to work in order to gain the same earnings their male counterparts earned by the end of last year, will be recognized on April 10th, 2019.

The importance of equal pay isn’t just about annual salary, it’s much bigger than that.

It’s about how income impacts every aspect of life; how to raise a family, which bills to pay (or which ones to sacrifice), and the ability to be able to support oneself later in life. It’s long term.  Women are disproportionately impacted in all of these areas compared to their male peers, due to the persistent disparity in pay by gender.

As we approach equal pay day, we would like to recognize and share this interview with Lilly Ledbetter, an icon and change-maker in the area of equal pay for our time.

She’s known best for her fight against Goodyear’s biased pay practices, which resulted in Obama passing the Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. (Side note: It has since been revoked by the Trump Administration). To date, Lilly has not been compensated for her losses in pay compared to what her male counterparts at Goodyear earned for doing the same work.

Listen to Lilly’s story and stay inspired to keep the fight for equal pay alive. It’s up to all of us to request fair wages upfront and to take action within our own communities.