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Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee presents legislative programs adopted by Bozeman BPW and educates BPW members and the public about local, state and national issues and legislation impacting women. Interested in joining? Contact us directly at 

Gender Wage Gap and Equal Pay Day: Given that women in Montana earn 68 cents to the dollar earned by their male counterparts, a major issue of interest to BPW is eliminating this gender wage gap. We are working hard to eliminate this inequity by supporting related legislation and awareness programs, such as Equal Pay Day (the day up to which women must work past the 1 year mark in order to achieve the same earnings that men earned in 1 year).   

The Bozeman Equal Pay for Equal Work Resolution 4601 was passed unanimously on June 8th, 2015, as a result of the great work of many volunteers and supporters.  We continue to work with the City Commission to ensure that our city government and the wider community is doing everything they can to recognize the full value of women in the workforce
and to promote fair pay practices and policies in Bozeman.  

Montana Women Vote:
Bozeman BPW is an organizational member of the Montana Women VoteMontana Women Vote is a coalition of non-profit women’s organizations working statewide to educate and mobilize low-income women and their allies to participate in the democratic process. Montana Women Vote holds a Women's Policy Leadership Institute (WPLI) conference each year in Helena. Click here to get more information on WPLI. Scholarship money and gas reimbursements are available through the Legislative Committee for two recipients each year. 

For more information on how to get involved with the BBPW Legislative Committee, please contact
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Bozeman BPW’s mission is to support business and professional women in our community
through advocacy, education and information.

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